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When you search for a term using Google (or any other search engine), do you want to know that when there may be thousands of other competing websites that match your search term, the first search results page How did the website arrive? Well, the answer to that question is search engine optimization (SEO). The SEO of the first few websites is better than the competition. So, what is SEO? In short, it is a marketing strategy used to improve the ranking of a website in search engines.

What is SEO? Introduction

Some of these sites (such as Wikipedia, Facebook, and Microsoft) entered the first search results page without much help from SEO because their brand names are very famous and they can be listed on the first page in. Other websites rely on SEO to bring it to the first or second search result page. You may wonder why SEO is so important. Well, users rarely go beyond the first few search results pages when searching for terms. When was the last time you clicked the fifteenth search result page?

SEO can be done in many ways. The only (effective) SEO methods are as follows:

1) SEO title, title and URL address

2) Backlink

3) Write SEO content

4) Use multimedia

5) Regular updates

This article will briefly introduce each SEO technique. Each of these technologies will be described in detail in subsequent articles.

SEO title, title and URL address

The page title is different from the title. The title is displayed on the “label” of the page, and the title is displayed in the page itself. When entering search terms (called keywords), search engines will try to find websites whose titles, titles, and URL addresses match the given keywords. If the title, title or URL address of a website matches your keywords, the website will get a higher ranking than other websites. For example, if the keyword you entered is “phoenix”, the website with URL address: “http://www.phoenix.com” will rank higher than the website with URL address: “http://www”. mystical_birds.com”.


When you visit a website, you usually see several hyperlinks that link the website to other websites. These links are called backlinks. Wikipedia is an excellent example of backlinks. All reference sites are listed at the bottom of the Wikipedia article. These hyperlinks (at the bottom of the article) are backlinks to the corresponding reference website. Backlinks help improve the ranking of the website. Generally, the more backlinks a website has, the higher it is ranking.

Write SEO content

The search engine tries to match the entered keywords with the content of the website. For example, if your keyword is “golf player”, the search engine will search for articles with the word “golf player”. However, there will be millions of articles containing the term “golfer”. Search engines will rank these articles according to their “keyword density”. Keyword density is calculated by dividing the number of keywords in the article by the total number of words and then multiplying the result by 100.

For example, if the keyword “golf player” is repeated twice in a one-hundred-word product, the keyword density of the product is 2%. Articles with a keyword density of 0.5-2% usually get the highest ranking.

Use of multimedia

Compared with straightforward text websites, everyone prefers graphic websites. The major search engines know this, and therefore; they provide websites that contain multimedia (graphics, videos and Flash applications) with higher rankings than other websites.

Regularly updated

People are eager to obtain new information and facts. The major search engines meet this need by providing regularly updated websites with higher rankings than other websites.

We hope that we have answered your question “What is SEO?” This article is satisfactory

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