FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions);


What is Pastelink.co? 

Pastelink.co is a platform that offers text paste services, allowing internet users to share their texts quickly and securely.


How can I use Pastelink.co?

To use Pastelink.co, go to our homepage and paste your text. Then, you can share your text, make edits, or set your privacy preferences.


Is Pastelink.co free?

Yes, Pastelink.co is completely free. Our text paste and sharing service is provided free of charge.


How long are my pasted texts stored?

Your texts are stored to be accessible and viewable by users. However, at Pastelink.co, we do not set any specific time or storage limit.


Will my texts remain private?

At Pastelink.co, we respect users' privacy rights. We take advanced security measures to protect the privacy of your texts and ensure that they are only accessible by you.


How can I edit a pasted text?

To edit a pasted text, simply use the text link to go back to the editing page. You can make the necessary changes to the text and then save the updated version.


How can I delete my texts?

To delete your texts, you can use the "Delete" option on the editing page. Please note that deleted texts cannot be recovered.


Where can I get further assistance or support regarding Pastelink.co?

If you have any questions or need assistance regarding Pastelink.co, you can contact us at [email protected] Our customer support team will be happy to assist you.